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[Washington] Mead, the honey-wine of the gods, now made in Everett

By SAMANTHA CHAPMAN, contributing writer

It’s a science and an art: Mead maker Erik Newquist checks the amount of sugar content in a batch of mead using a specific gravity scale at his facility in downtown Everett last month.

Everett, Washington — Nearly every civilization has their own version of mead. Now, so does the city of Everett, thanks to Aesir Meadery.

Mead is a honey-based alcohol that can be traced back thousands of years. It can be found in records dating as far back as 1700 B.C. Tales in Greek mythology tell of ambrosia or the “drink of the Gods,”stories passed down of Vikings drinking it at celebrations.

In the alleyway off of Everett Avenue, between Colby and Wetmore avenues is Aesir Meadery. During the day, it’s easy to walk by it without knowing, as the business has a garage door for an entrance and sits around the corner from a rather unassuming parking lot at Colby and Everett avenues where Midnight Grocery sits. Inside, however, is a sweet-smelling room full of barrels, buckets of honey, woodworking tools and glass bottles.

It’s a passion for Aesir Meadery’s owner, Erik Newquist, who has been in business for two years now, creating mead in-house for businesses and restaurants all over Washington. What once was Newquist’s hobby has become his career.

Newquist first tried making mead in college, just for the fun of it. He was in school for chemistry and microbiology.

He ended up really enjoying the drink, and continued to make mead while using it as a way to keep in touch with his Scandinavian heritage, which traces back hundreds of years. An Aesir is a member of one of the clans of Norse gods. Thor was one.

After college, Newquist had a few jobs, but found in each job that he was lacking passion. His friends suggested making mead his full-time gig.

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