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[VIDEO] Virginia: National Mead Day now relevant here

By Steve Vaughan, Contact Reporter
The Virginia Gazette

WILLIAMSBURG, VA — It’s not often a new business brings its own holiday to town.

But the presence of Silver Hand Meadery, on Monticello Avenue, will ensure that Williamsburg celebrates National Mead Day celebration on Saturday.

“We’re excited to celebrate this historic drink in our historic city,” says Silver Hand founder Glenn Lavender.

The American Homebrewers Association declared “Mead Day” as the first Saturday in August in 2002 to increase awareness about mead.

It’s one of the most historic fermented drinks found on Earth. According to Beer100.com, the first mead may have been created 8,000 years ago on the island of Crete. That was 2,000 years before humans discovered how to make wine.

It’s made from honey and the word for drunk in classical Greek literally meant “honey-intoxicated.”

“It has the creativity of craft beer and the elegance of wine, but is in a category all its own,” according to Silver Hand Meadery.

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