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Lyme Bay Winery Releases New Sparkling Mead
Lyme Bay Winery Releases New Sparkling Mead

[UK] Lyme Bay Winery Releases New Sparkling Mead

New sparkling mead launched for on-trade

Source: Bar News

A new sparkling mead, specifically designed for the on-trade, has been launched by leading English wine and cider maker Lyme Bay Winery.

Produced in Devon, Yore is a lighter, more refreshing version of traditional mead, but with just as much honey flavour, in the style of a honey-based wine. It comes in 330ml glass bottles.

With ABV of 4%, it has less alcoholic content than traditional meads, placing it in the same category as beer, lager and cider in terms of strength. This is to make it more appealing to bars, pubs and restaurants that are looking to offer something different.

It follows the success of Lyme Bay Traditional Mead, which is also made with English honey. Fermented, blended and aged on site, it has ABV of 14.5%.

James Lambert, managing director of Lyme Bay Winery, said: “Craft beers and ciders have enjoyed an enormous lift in popularity over the past few years. This is leading to a rising interest in more traditional English drinks, such as mead.

“Of course, mead is usually a fairly heavy drink, with intense flavours and relatively high alcohol content. Yore is an answer to a burgeoning demand for a drink that encapsulates all of the wonderful feelings and delicious flavours of traditional mead, but with the light and refreshing qualities usually associated with beer and cider.”

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