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Melovino Meadery of New Jersey Leads Modern Mead Movement

Sergio Moutela has won 34 international awards for his mead.(Photo: Jenna Intersimone/Staff Photo)

Travel: Union meadery leads modern mead movement Melovino Meadery of the Vauxhall section of Union is the first meadery in New Jersey and offers those interested in wine and beer a new fermented beverage to discover by Jenna Intersimone MyNewJersey.com UNION (Union), NJ – With craft breweries sprouting up throughout New Jersey and people itching to try the latest local ...

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Wine made from honey hits the sweet spot – Melovino Meadery

Sergio Moutela is the founder and owner of Melovino, the only mead producer in New Jersey. Honey-based mead is thought to be the oldest form of fermented beverage and was what the Vikings favored when it was time to kick back.

By SHELBY VITTEK SPECIAL TO THE RECORD | The Record Inside a small warehouse tucked away behind a nondescript Union County shopping center , a mead revolution is brewing. I had made the short drive to Melovino Meadery — New Jersey’s one and only meadery — to sample its offerings of mead, or honey wine. What I hadn’t expected to ...

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New Jersey Has a Honey of a Wine – Melovino Craft Mead

Melovino Craft Meadery founder and mead maker Sergio Moutela, left, and assistant mead maker Greg Iannarella pour samples of Garrido for a tour group. Photo: Claudio Papapietro for The Wall Street Journal

The Garden State’s first and only meadery is tucked away in a shopping mall in and Vauxhall By Lettie Teague Wall Street Journal Melovino is New Jersey’s first meadery, a place where mead aka honey wine is made. It is also the Garden State’s only meadery—so far. And yet founder Sergio Moutela would be perfectly happy if there were more. ...

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Melovino Meadery – New Jersey’s First Meadery Now Distributes in Westfield

NJ's First Meadery Now Distributes in Westfield

Melovino won five awards in a mead competition and will be selling these meads locally in Westfield and Somerset. By Alexis Tarrazi (Patch Staff) Union, NJ – The first and only meadery in New Jersey is now distributing locally. Melovino, in the Vauxhall section of Union, will offer their award-winning mead at stores across the area including in Westfield and ...

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Mead made in New Jersey

A stack of bottles of Melovino's Ghost Pepper ($18) mead, a sweet mead infused with fresh ghost peppers, at the Union meadery. (Danielle Richards)

By T.J. Foderaro | For Inside Jersey on March 24, 2016 TUCKED AWAY behind a shopping center in Union County is a small, nondescript warehouse space that’s guaranteed to delight even the most jaded wine enthusiast. For this is the home of Melovino, New Jersey’s first (and, for now, only) meadery. Mead, or honey wine, is thought to be the ...

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New Jersey: Unique business finds success in Union

Melovino Meadery

by: Peter Fiorilla – Staff Writer Union News Daily UNION, NJ — No other meadery in New Jersey feels quite like the 14-month-old Melovino Meadery, which has successfully made its home in Union at the Millburn Mall under the guidance of founder Sergio Moutela. Scratch that: There are no other meaderies in New Jersey. Before Melovino Meadery’s grand opening in ...

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