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Mead is Slowly Shedding its Dark Ages Image

Cranberry Delight in tall glasses with cranberry juice pitcher. (Goran Kosanovic/For The Washington Post)

As mead sheds its wenches-and-jousting image, I’ve started to come around By M. Carrie Allan Columnist, Food Washington Post In this era of constant accusations of media bias — left-wing, right-wing, gull-wing (that’s bias against DeLoreans) — I confess: I have a long-held bias against mead. Despite regularly incorporating honey syrups into cocktails, until recently I’d largely avoided honey’s fermented ...

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Continuing an ancient craft

Bryan Brooks stands next to his five gallon glass carboy of French Saison beer he is brewing. - Ben Granderson/Valley Press

Ben Granderson/Clark Fork Valley Press June 12, 2015 PLAINS, MT – According to a webpage by “The Ohio State University: Information Extension Research,” fermentation is a process by which cells break down sugars to create energy, when oxygen is not present, releasing carbon dioxide (CO2), energy, lactic acid and in some cases alcohol. The process of fermentation, which happens naturally ...

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