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Former Child Star Opening All-Star Meadery in Brooklyn New York

Odin would be proud (Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Prepare to Get Buzzed With a Former Child Star at All-Wise Meadery By Nicole Disser Bedford Bowery It used to be that throwback drinking meant quaffing Prohibition-era cocktails and Hemingway sippers. But these days, we’re seeing an emphasis on even older traditions, and a resurgence of traditional techniques that have long fallen out of use. Mead, the fermented honey drink ...

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Brooklyn’s Enlightenment Wines Gives Mead a Makeover

2015 Nought White Mead

By Alison Spiegel The Tasting Table Inside a nondescript building on a desolate corner in East Williamsburg, a mead revolution is brewing in one of Brooklyn’s coolest new bars. If mead and revolution don’t sound like they belong in the same sentence, it’s time to get your head out of the shire. Aptly called Honey’s, this space is not only ...

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New York: A Brooklyn Cocktail Bar Dedicated to One Unexpected Ingredient

A view of the bar and dining area at Honey’s, a new bar in East Williamsburg that adjoins Enlightenment Wines, the city’s first meadery. Credit Paul Quitoriano

By KEVIN McGARRYAUG. 16, 2016 The New York Times Deep in Brooklyn’s artisanal hinterlands, where East Williamsburg and Bushwick converge on Scott Avenue, a new alcoholic enterprise is brewing — with a twist. Enlightenment Wines, New York’s self-proclaimed first meadery, is a distinctly DIY undertaking that seeks to elevate the profile of honey wines beyond their knee-jerk associations with the ...

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