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Oregon – Nectar Creek: Producers of Craft Meads to Remember

The current lineup of mead at Nectar Creek.(Photo: Brent Drinkut/Statesman Journal)

Nectar Creek: Craft Meads to Remember By Abbie Tumbleson The Corvallis Advocate For many people, honey is a beloved ingredient. The sublimely golden liquid sweetens up teas. It’s a gooey staple in desserts like baklava. And, as the headlining ingredient in mead, honey morphs into a deliciously drinkable beverage through the brewing process. A pair of brothers from Corvallis can ...

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Alumnus brews mead for the modern age

Charm City Meadworks is brewed and bottled in Baltimore, Maryland. The brewery offers nine varieties of mead ranging in flavors from cinnamon to rosemary and alcohol percentages from 6.9 to 12 percent. The mead is available in bottles, cans and even kegs.

by Maddy Bonnabeaux, Correspondent North Carolina State University The Technician The refreshing drink of the Vikings is creating a buzz, and it’s outside of Renaissance fairs. Mead, one of the oldest drinks in the world, is making a comeback. Coined as the “nectar of the gods,” the fermented drink is created by adding water and yeast to honey. When infused ...

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