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Ohio: Local guy finds market for mead
Ohio: Local guy finds market for mead

Ohio: Local guy finds market for mead

Honey wine’s demand soars as Poland man begins mass production

The Vindicator
By Kalea Hall

The year is 1000 A.D., and chances are your cup is filled with mead. Especially if you are dining in Heorot, the great mead hall, with Hrothgar, king of the Danes.

Characters in the Anglo-Saxon Epic poem “Beowulf” love their mead.

And soon you might, too.

“People are really open to the idea,” said Michael Fairbrother, president and founder of Moonlight Meadery in New Hampshire and president of the American Mead Makers Association.

Mead is a malt beverage derived either from honey and water or from a mixture of honey and water with hops, fruits, spices, grain, or other flavors.

Reading about mead in “Beowulf” is actually how Poland resident Rocky Singh got inspired to start his own meadery. When he made white wine in a biology class at Youngstown State University, his inspiration grew.

Singh then started to research mead and learned of its unique, dated history.

“It’s considered, by many, to be the oldest fermented beverage,” Singh said.

In Northern China, pottery vessels filled with a mixture of honey, rice, fruits and organic compounds of fermentation that dated back to 6500 B.C. were found, according to AMMA. In Europe, the drink was found in ceramics from 2800-1800 B.C.

As the story goes, the Greeks considered mead, what they called ambrosia or nectar, a drink from the gods believed to have magical properties such as prolonging life.

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