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Mountain Dragon Mazery Creates Old-World Beverage

By Melissa Murray, Marion & Taylor County Reporter

FAIRMONT, WV – Most wines are made with grapes as the primary fermenting ingredient, but at Mountain Dragon Mazery in Fairmont, people will find wine made out of honey.

Here, Ruth Ann Smith and her husband create mead. They use only honey, water and yeast.

Some friends convinced them to turn their hobby of making mead into a full-time job.

“Once we really got that under our feet and had experimented and done a bunch with it, we were ready to change careers and so we just went right for it and started this business,” Smith said.

It is up for debate just how old this drink is. The people behind Mountain Dragon Mazery said it might have existed before man. Most agree that it became popular during the time of the Vikings, in the 9th or 10th century.

Smith said they also offer mead with rose petals, mulberries and green tea, to name a few.

“Any other ingredients we’re adding are very simple and we’re bragging about,” Smith said.

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