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Todd Rock serves as head mead maker of Leaky Roof Meadery LLC.
Todd Rock serves as head mead maker of Leaky Roof Meadery LLC.

Missouri Business Spotlight: Mad about Mead

2-year-old Leaky Roof Meadery expands to four states after long road to Buffalo

Geoff Pickle, Web Editor
12/7/2015 2:15 PM
Springfield Business Journal

It’s a bit ironic that a company named after the Kansas City, Clinton and Springfield Railway made its way to Buffalo. While the Leaky Roof Railway never did roll through the city 40 miles northeast of Springfield, a Buffalo meadery that pays homage to the trail line is now a budding business peddling old-fashioned beverages.

“If you know your Buffalo history well enough to know that much, then, that we kept the railway theme is actually kind of funny,” says co-owner and head mead maker Todd Rock.

Fronted by a small taproom filled with train maps and railroad signs, Leaky Roof Meadery LLC owners Rock – the only full-time employee – Andrew Steiger and Jhett Collins make mead with such brand names as KCC&S Cyser and High, Dry & Dusty. The labels portray steam locomotives, wood buildings and other images of another time, fitting for the honey-based alcohol that largely has lived outside the public consciousness for years.

Existing somewhere between beer and wine, Leaky Roof uses a variety of ingredients, including ginger and berries.

“It’s got a lot of versatility to it,” says Rock, who worked a stint as packaging manager at Mother’s Brewing Co. “With mead, I have even more room to play around with what I do.”

Nearly two full years into production, the company has expanded to four states and is now profitable.

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