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Mead in the Heart of Texas
Mead in the Heart of Texas Photo by John Anderson

Mead in the Heart of Texas

Meridian Hive produces one honey of a drink

By Wayne Alan Brenner, Fri., Oct. 10, 2014
The Austin Chronicle

Listen: It pairs well with food other than just turkey legs, OK?

The once and future beverage called mead, the ubiquitous tipple of medieval times and the liquid mainstay of many a contemporary Renaissance fair, is coming back to claim its rightful throne in modern brewing. It’s coming back across the nation, across the state of Texas (with nine professional meaderies), and now it’s got a triumvirate of champions right here in the ATX: Eric Lowe, Mike Simmons, and Evan Whitehead. These are the men in charge of Meridian Hive Meadery, a pristine facility located near where 183 and 290 do their multileveled concrete do-si-do and the air hums with motive urgency. They’re sitting at a long table among their array of gleaming steel-clad fermentation tanks, these three men – and one other.

“I’m the manager,” says Lowe, setting out bottles of the meadery’s newest brews, “Mike’s the meadmaker, and Evan’s master of everything else. And Jess [Dale] is our first sales guy.”

(You probably already know that mead is made from honey, right? That it’s the ancestor of all fermented drinks and was around maybe even before land was first cultivated for farming? We’re talking ancient thirst-slaking here. We’re talking old-school inebriation.)

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