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Tyson Schymizek and his mead products BRYAN YOUNG/ST. ALBERT GAZETTE
Tyson Schymizek and his mead products BRYAN YOUNG/ST. ALBERT GAZETTE

Honey wine that stands the test of time

Mead maker praises honey-based drink

Wednesday, Feb 25, 2015 04:15 am
By: Scott Hayes
St. Albert Gazette

What you grab to quench your thirst can say a lot about you. Maybe you’re a construction type who heads to the pub to have a quaff right after quitting time. There’s always the wine bar for the fancy folks who prefer to sip something a little grape juice with more nuanced taste. A newspaper reporter would probably be right at home at any gin joint.

And then there’s Tyson Schymizek. He’s the owner of a home-based business called Black Knight Armory. Yeah, you guessed it. He’s got a bit of a thing for the medieval. He does his own leatherwork and he has a fine suit of armour. He even goes so far as to participate in realistic – but not real – combats with his buds through groups like the Society for Creative Anachronism and Knights of the Northern Realm.

“Knights in shining armour. Swordfighting. Get the chance to beat your friend over their head with a stick,” he bellowed, all six-feet-plus of him.

His burly, scruffy presence makes him come across like a man clearly not to be messed with on a field of battle.

What would a guy like that drink, you wonder? Beer, wine and spirits just aren’t his cup of tea, honey. He makes and drinks mead, the ages-old alcohol that we have bees to thank for.

Most people associate it with the Vikings, he said, but it has much deeper roots that extend several thousand years.

“Mead, as I’ve been told, has gone back as the ancient Egyptian times.”

For a guy who has the temper for something as meticulous as making chainmail (yes, he does that too), he prefers to keep it simple for his mead. It still requires patience but Schymizek should be the poster boy for promoting mead making.

“It’s so easy!” he enthused. “You put your honey in, you add the water, and you add the yeast at the end. Just like making wine. That’s all it is. It’s just that simple.”

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