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Category: Metheglin Mead Making Videos
  How to Make Mead at Home (Mint Metheglin) #2...
How to make mead at home #2 Progress in the meadmaking endeavor To learn more, see my blog! http://socialmediabar.com/how-to-make... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1RXG......

Views: 204
Added by: Rob

  How to Make Mead (Mint Metheglin) #1...
How to make mead (Mint Metheglin) #1 To learn more, check out my blog! http://socialmediabar.com/how-to-make... I started this "how to make mead" project with my friend because we wanted to try something different than beer. Neither of us had ever made mead, though I have made wine, a process which has some similarities. Plus, since mead has to ferment for six months, its something fun to look forward to as you continue your more frequent beer brewing. Here's what we used by following a recipe and making some changes: 2 ounces peeled and sliced galangal (can use ginger) 4 cups fresh min...

Views: 193
Added by: Rob

  Basic Brewing Video - Ginger Metheglin - November 30, 2012...
Steve walks us through the simple process to create a mead with fresh ginger, almond extract, and vanilla extract....

Views: 194
Added by: Rob

Merddyn's OMG Honey Wheat Beer (Wheat Braggot)
Discussion Forum Link: http://simplehomebrewing.com/bbpress/... Keep in mind I am VERY VERY new beer making with grains. This was literally my first batch to use grains at all. :) Remember that before you comment, lol. Ok ok, i honestly kinda messed this batch up. I originally started out just making wheat beer with a little honey, but when I saw my SG was too low I added too much honey to correct so it's technically classified as a braggot because it has more fermentable from honey than from grain. If you're going to make a mistake, at least make it a tasty mistake :) I expect this will tur...
Added by: Rob
  brew day: pyment (grape mead)
forgot to mention that i ran the juice through my brew bag to filter out any excess particles. i used roughly 3 lbs. black grapes ,6 lbs. red grapes and 11 lbs. white grapes!!!...
Added by: Rob

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