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Buzzed Bee Meadery

Buzzed Bee Meadery is Booming in Iowa

Small business is booming in Iowa

State officials report a record number of new business filings

By David Dolmage Newton Daily News

In 2014, Wayne Spohnheiner had a problem that would make Winnie the Pooh jealous; the amateur beekeeper was running out of places to store the honey he’d gathered. Jars of honey were stacked throughout the house, and no one ever made a cup of tea without at least spoonful of honey. When Spohnheiner realized he could pair his interest in beekeeping with his other hobby, brewing beer, a business was born.

“We were hobby beekeepers, but we always had extra honey, more than we could use,” Spohnheiner said.

The Buzzed Bee Meadery officially opened in 2014, but it was Labor Day of 2016 that Spohnheiner and his wife Michelle opened the doors for the first time on their tasting room, located at 1755 340th St., in Melbourne.

Brewing mead, a fermented mix of honey, water and yeast, is the fastest growing segment of the alcohol industry according to Spohnheiner. Mead has been around for centuries, but has recently seen an upswing in popularity.

The brewery is a small producer, with only 1,200 gallons of mead this year, but Spohnheiner said he hopes to push that over 2,000 gallons next year to meet an increasing demand.

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