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Advertising on TheMeadery.netAbout TheMeadery.net

TheMeadery.net started out in December 2013 as an online resource for mead makers and enthusiasts. With the increasing popularity of mead, and home mead brewing, we wanted to build a fast, efficient, and helpful mead enthusiast community on the web. With its attractive and efficient layout, exclusive articles and vast amount of technical information, it is quickly becoming an invaluable resource to the mead making community.

The prime directive of TheMeadery.net is to provide quality information to mead makers and enthusiasts through various forms of media such as discussion forums, how-to articles, recipes, mead rating system, videos, galleries, and much more.

We consider TheMeadery.net to be a premium source of information for mead makers and enthusiasts and in a “continuous state of improvement”. The content contained within the site is constantly being updated in order to insure that it remains fresh and entertaining. The engineering of the site is also under a constant state of development in order to make room for future additions and to insure that site navigation and access is quick and intuitive.

Site Features

Online discussion forums for mead makers and enthusiasts

Brewing Blogs for members who want to blog about their current mead brewing projects

Articles database containing historical articles on mead, how-to articles and recipes

Mead Reviews system: a valuable online mead rating and review system for our members

Videos: a mead making video section where our members can upload their own videos featuring the mead making projects from home

Ad Statistics Reporting – Our ad delivery system has extensive reporting features to allow you to track the effectiveness of your ad campaign. Once you become a site advertiser, you will receive a weekly report via email containing banner impressions and click through statistics.

Consistency – Your advertisement cannot be bypassed and ignored by “breaking out” of a frame set and our dynamic ad delivery system is compatible with all browsers, not just certain ones.

Quality People – TheMeadery.net attracts a valuable audience of well-educated home-brewers and enthusiasts interested in information about mead making and all types of fermented honey-wine in general. Most of our visitors are amateur home brewers, but a portion of our user base are professional mead makers.

Targeted Advertising – Advertiser images at TheMeadery.net receive excellent visibility! Ad images are displayed in or near the navigation area on every page of the site. Not only that, but we have very flexible advertising plans tailored to meet even the smallest budget. This gives companies of any size a terrific opportunity to gain more exposure for their products and services. Add it all up, and it only makes sense to promote your products and services with us.

Uptime – TheMeadery.net has a 99.99% uptime record and only comes offline in the very rare case of brief system maintenance and software upgrades. We use business-class hosting on a very high speed network to ensure that your advertising campaign is uninterrupted.

Sponsor / Supporting Vendor Program

Meaderies, wineries, vendors, and related event managers are all welcome to become a Sponsors or Supporting Vendors of TheMeadery.net. Becoming a Sponsor or Supporting Vendor includes the following:

Sponsor / Supporting Vendors have the following forum abilities:

Ability to post group buys or product information in the Sponsor / Supporting Vendor forum

Post/advertise in any of the forums

Can edit own posts

Can delete own posts

Can open / close own threads

Can post public events on calendar

Forum Display enhancements:
A Sponsor / Supporting Vendor title and company logo (avatar) in your posts declaring your forum status and company name

Full company contact information with a copy of your ad banner that links to your company web site in your forum signature which will appear in all of your posts
150 x 38 pixel thumbnail ad on the left hand side of all forum pages

Standard Banner Specifications

  • Size in Pixels:  Up to 728 x 90
  • Maximum Filesize:  65 Kb
  • Image Format:  GIF, JPG, PNG
  • Can be animated – 3 frames maximum
  • Example – See image to the right
  • Location – Top middle of all pages on the web site.
Standard size ad banner

We are always willing to work with you and your company in developing the best advertising program to suit your needs. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you.

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