10% ABV

Periodically, we release a product we believe is exceptional and this year is no different than any other. For 2006 we decided to release a sparkling apple and honey cider in an extra large 3-liter bottle. Intended to be shared among friends. This is our mead master's special version of a traditional extra dry hard cyser. It is a very dry and crisp apple and honey wine and matches perfectly with a variety of foods or after a hard day storming castles.

During the Middle Ages 'cyser' was a popular beverage. Produced from both apples and honey it is perhaps the mother of modern hard cider. We are sure you will enjoy our version of a medieval classic and will agree that it is the finest cyser available.

While hammer-like weapons had been in use for centuries throughout the world, the medieval European war hammer was a very specific adaptation of the blunt, crushing war hammer design we generally associate with the Norse god Thor and of course the most famous war hammer Mjollnir. This product is only available in our tasting room and cannot be shipped at this time.
We were going to release it only once but demand has been so high that we have been forced, yes forced, to continue production on a limited basis. If you would like to reserve your bottle please contact us and we will be happy to put your name on a bottle. Otherwise you are at the mercy of the Gods!