Our Traditional Mead is the simplest form of mead available and is probably the closest you’ll come to what our ancestors produced. Many commercially produced meads that we had tried often seemed overly sweet, so we set out to make something that would be a little more palatable. Our Traditional Mead is often compared to a Pinot Grigio due to its similar light crisp character, honey-like overtones, and delicate finish. However, the honey flavor is much more pronounced in our Traditional Mead producing a semi-sweet flavor uninterrupted by the tannins and citrusy aromas produced by grapes. Hosey honey of Midway, Kentuckyis our sole supplier for our honey and it’s flavor varies depending on the season, providing every bottle with a pleasant element of surprise. Test you wine tasting skills and see if you can detect the difference between the early blooms of spring from the midsummer clover, or the early autumn wildflowers. We recommend serving this wine chilled and pairing it the way you would a dry-semisweet white wine.