We have picked RASPBERRIES, blackberries, salmon berries, marion berries and lots of other kinds of berries without knowing definitively how to tell them apart. So riddle me this: How is a RASPBERRY different than a blackberry? (for the answer, read to the bottom).

The Oregon Willamette Valley is known for its RASPBERRY production. There is even a strain of RASPBERRY known as the Willamette RASPBERRY, grown here, and famous with garden growers, commercial growers, and RASPBERRY lovers alike. This particular RASPBERRY is an abundant producer, growing extremely large dark-red berries. They are firm and juicy with an interesting interplay of sweetness and tartness. They are used for eating raw, freezing, cooking, and juicing. You would think that a bee would be impressed by this; but, alas, all our little gals want from the RASPBERRY canes is the abundant blossoms with their pollen and nectar. But WE'RE not disappointed, because what they make from it is a delicious RASPBERRY HONEY.

Our RASPBERRY HONEY is one of our lighter amber HONEYS. It has a mild, delicate flavor. It is a good one for drizzling over fresh fruit, and hot buttered biscuits. But what we really like it for is ... shhhh ... chocolate ice cream! Yummy! If you're addicted to chocolate, we apologize ... because it will never seem the same again by itself; you will have a new vice: chocolate with delicious drizzles of our RASPBERRY HONEY. Oh - please excuse us, we gotta go get some right now!!!

Oh, and we almost forgot, the answer to the riddle: How do you tell the difference between RASPBERRIES and blackberries? When you pick them, the RASPBERRY will separate from its core leaving a hollow fruit, while the blackberry core comes with the fruit. And ... the HONEY produced by them tastes different, of course. The RASPBERRY HONEY is milder and more delicate, while our blackberry honey is just as delicious in a bolder way. Why not try both for yourself and see? shhh... and be sure to pick up some chocolate ice cream, we won't tell!