This one is so tasty, it just might scare you!  PUMPKIN HONEY is a rich tasting sweet HONEY much coveted by HONEY LOVERS. When near a field of pumpkin blossoms you will hear the humming of HAPPY bees! They love those bigPumpkin Blossom yellow blossoms!

This is one of the rarest HONEYS, so it is a special treat when available for gourmet's.  It is an excellent HONEY for cooking, baking and canning. It is wonderful for marinades, sauces, and dressings.  We don't often like to apply heat to HONEY, sometimes it looses the subtleties of its flavor, but you might like to try this one in a reduction.  It whips into a delightful tasting HONEY BUTTER.  It has a slightly spicy aroma, and you can just barely taste the pumpkins.  It lends itself naturally to HONEY PUMPKIN PIES and HONEY PUMPKIN BREADS, and we haven't even begun to talk about MUFFINS!!!  It makes wonderful Mead too! Delightful taste!