When we offer various HONEYS, we often try to describe how their flavors complement certain foods or how a specific HONEY might best be used. We find this difficult with ORANGE BLOSSOM HONEY, because we haven't yet found anything that we don't like it on. This seems to be the quintessential HONEY; its great on toast, biscuits, pancakes, hot cereal, and scones. Its wonderful in tea and coffees. It makes a great desert topping for ice cream, fruits, even chocolate brownies. It works famously in BBQ sauces and glazes. It sets off salad dressing. Bakers love it. Brewers find it's one of the best for meads and beers. It really is an all-purpose HONEY.

This is not to say it is a common or featureless HONEY, quite the contrary. It is light amber in color, so its flavor is milder than some HONEYS; but it is very sweet and delicious. It is floral, fruity, fragrant and delicate, with a hint of citrus. Many HONEYS taste surprisingly different than the flower they come from, but not so the ORANGE BLOSSOM HONEY. If you don't know what an ORANGE BLOSSOM smells like, just open a jar of this HONEY and taste it. You'll enjoy its body, too; it is rich, full, and thick.

So how good is it? Well this ought to tell: have you ever heard the phrase "busy as a bee"? Can you imagine where it comes from? A little web research will bear this out, bees will visit over 2 million flowers, make 25,000 trips from their hive, and will fly the equivalent of three times around the world ... just to make a pound of this HONEY. With that kind of "busy-ness" or "buzzy-ness", you gotta imagine it tastes good!