The deep aroma of vanilla, the novel taste of toasted marshmallows, that is the experience of MEADOWFOAM HONEY. As the writers of eMagazine Culinaria Eugenius -- Adventures in Gastronomy in Eugene, Oregon put it "I don’t think 'toasted marshmallows' is the best term to describe it; it’s more like caramelized custard, with a hint of burnt sugar. It’s a soft and very sweet taste and unlike any honey I’ve had."

Meadowfoam Blossom

MEADOWFOAM is a small plant with a white flower grown in the Willamette Valley. It's an oil seed crop strongly coveted by the cosmetic industry for it's unique fatty acid that is great for hair and skin. It's also used as a rotation crop by the grass seed growers here in the valley, the Willamette Valley being the grass seed capitol of the world. All of that may be very well and good; but all we can tell you is MEADOWFOAM HONEY makes one incredible and unique PREMIUM HONEY, bless our little bees that produce it. MEADOWFOAM HONEY is just UNBELIEVABLE on chocolate ice cream. All of our honeys are RAW, NATURAL and PURE, but this one especially, you've just GOT to try it!