FIREWEED HONEY:  This honey is a special treat.  This is the Gourmet's honey, the barbecuer's honey, the baker's honey.

FIREWEED is a tall thin plant with pinkish purple flowers.  It grows in Alaska, Canada, and the Pacific Northwest.  We take our bees high to the plants, our honey comes straight from the 4,000 foot level of the beautiful Cascade Mountains ... where the deer and elk play.  FIREWEED grows  anywhere the ground has been disturbed, which makes it seem like a plant of promise and rebirth ... its named FIREWEED because it is often the first plant to reappear after a catastrophic fire through our evergreen mountain ranges.  You might think it would make a hardyFireweed heavy honey, but surprisingly not so.

FIREWEED HONEY is an amber honey, and it's flavor is delicate and sweet with a little bit of a zingy taste that is sure to please your taste buds.  There is a special and unique taste to FIREWEED Honey that people come back to time and time again.  FIREWEED HONEY is just fine as a table honey, it  goes wonderful on fruit; but gourmets especially love it.  It doesn't matter if you're a fine gourmet or a simple one; because this honey is wonderful in baking, glazing. barbequing, or smoking on the grill; and  it's just something fantastic to add to a pot of baked beans warming on a camp fire.  This is a great honey; and like all of our honeys, it is raw and pure and natural.