CLOVER contributes more to the production of HONEY in the United States than any other plant. CLOVER itself has many uses: it’s grown as hay for animals, it's grown as erosion protection, it's grown to recondition fields, and sometimes it's grown just to feed the bees. It produces a lot of nectar, and the bees love it. Here in the Willamette Valley, the CLOVER is often grown for seed, which means there are fields and fields of it, which often means there are less of other kinds of blossoms in the immediate area, which makes for a purer CLOVER HONEY.

CLOVER HONEY is one of the lightest amber colored HONEYS. Lighter amber HONEYS are often the milder flavored HONEYS, and this holds true of CLOVER HONEY. It has a subtle mild taste, reminiscent of grassy floral fields. It is a delicate and delicious taste that you will love. This HONEY is raw, fresh, natural and pure, produced by our own bees, and collected from our own hives.