Who could resist a BLUEBERRY; large, round, blue, plump with juices and ready to pop, sweet and tasty? Well our bees can, they'd much rather have access to the BLUEBERRY blossoms, thank you very much. By the time the berry sets on, our bees have made a wonderful treasure-hive full of luscious sweet BLUEBERRY HONEY, and are off to other blossoms.

The Oregon Willamette Valley is one of the BLUEBERRY capitals of the world. You can drive along our back country roads and see row after row, field after field, of the distinctive crimson red foliage of the "Bluecrop" BLUEBERRY; plump, fresh, and delicious. But that's not the only kind of BLUEBERRY that grows here. There are dozens and dozens of varieties, with names like: Lowbush, Highbush, Brigatta, Chandler, Chippewa, Northsky, Top-Hat, Darrow, Duke, Liberty, Rubel, Spartian, Toro, Emarald, Legacy, Misty, Star, and Sunshine Blue, just to name a few. Some the size of a small pea, and oh so flavorful, others big enough to hide a quarter underneath, and just as plump, juicy, and flavorful. In spite of this cornucopia, the blossom is all our bees care about. They just want to take the pollen and nectar back to the hives and make this dark amber rich BLUEBERRY HONEY. Honestly, it's hard to say which is better, the BLUEBERRY or our BLUEBERRY HONEY .... but actually, we're blessed to have both, so why choose?

Our bees make the greatest BLUEBERRY HONEY! This is a darker amber colored HONEY, with a sweet bold flavor. It is another HONEY excellent for cooking, baking and canning. It is delightful for just eating too! Our HONEYS are raw, fresh, natural and pure. You will love the taste!