A semi-sweet melomel.

Actually, the 'bergamot' in our mead is called Scarlet Bee Balm. It's native to eastern North America and grows right up the street from us at Jorgensen's Organic farm in Westerville. The firecracker-red flowers are added to our central Ohio wildflower honey with tons of blueberries from Mansfield, Ohio. The result is a balance of berry and tea flavors with a barely sweet finish. If you can stop drinking it long enough to eat... try light, creamy cheeses or along side a fresh lemon sorbet.


Honey: McClincy's Honey, Marysville, Ohio

Blueberries: The Blueberry Patch, Mansfield, Ohio

Scarlet Bee Balm ( American Bergamot ): Jorgensen's Organic Farm, Westerville, Ohio