A semi-dry metheglin.

Our 'winding down after a long day's work' mead. Lavender and Chamomile metheglin is our answer to aromatherapy. And perhaps an excuse to get a little more 'local' with that certain someone...

We use whole organic flowers to make a giant batch of tea and then add local wildflower honey to create our metheglin style mead. The word "metheglin" derives from the Welsh word meddyglyn, a compound of meddyg, "healing" and llyn, "liquor." Honey Lavender is the Brothers Drake healing love elixir.


Honey: McClincy's Honey, Marysville, Ohio

Lavender: Springbrook Lavendar Farm, Hillsborough, Ohio

Chamomile: Frontier Spices

-- Developing Chamomile crop with Val at Jorgensen’s Organic Farm in Westerville, Ohio