A dry melomel.

Brad the Beekeeper gave us a huge 55-gallon drum of his fresh wildflower honey to cast this mead on the summer solstice - the actual solstice, which is June 21st. We work with the beautiful Val of Jorgensen's farm to source our organic red raspberries, which we combine with marionberries and cherries, for surprisingly nuanced triple-berry melomel mead. And it should be ready to enjoy by the winter solstice... 'Six months', you say? It might seem like a while, but time is the priceless ingredient that makes things just right. And this one is worth the wait. Our dry version is strong on fruit and pairs with robust dishes.


Honey: McClincy's Honey, Marysville, Ohio

Raspberries: Jorgensen's Farm, Westerville, Ohio

Marionberries: Oregon Fruit Products, Oregon

Cherries: Oregon Fruit Products, Oregon