A semi-sweet spiced melomel.

We are excited to craft our first, and probably the only available, Paw Paw mead. We believe it's a true example of using local & indigenous ingredients. The Paw Paw fruit and the spicebush berry are both lesser-used native edibles from the Eastern region of the US. We found our fruit and spice at Integration Acres Farm near Albany, Ohio. They host the annual Paw Paw festival and helped make the Paw Paw the native state fruit of Ohio. With all this celebration, we think you'll understand why each drop of this mead is a statement of the richness and diversity that Ohio is capable of. It bursts a spectrum of tastes - earth, citrus, melon, honey, and spice. Paw Paw blushes a light pink with a semi-sweet finish. Intriguing on its own - and an entirely new experience with food. Explore.


Honey: Marysville, Ohio

Pawpaw: Integration Acres, Albany, Ohio

Spicebush Berry: Integration Acres, Albany, Ohio