Our ancestors used to drink mead in the belief that it would impart the divine gift of prophecy, poetry and fertility. Now mead is being brewed and drunk again, and "mead madness" is once again rearing its head in the world. This text mixes history, mythology and ritual with instructions for making your own homebrew version of the nectar of the gods, mead. The recipes explore honey varieties, yeasts, equipment, and more.

Pamela Spence holds a degree in English with a minor in philosophy from the Pontifical College Josephinium, Columbus, Ohio. Course work in commercial beekeeping at Ohio State University, however led to a chronic bout with "bee fever," an obsessive passion about honeybees for which there is no known or desired cure. In 1986, she founded the American Mead Association (AMA) to stimulate interest in an alternative market for honey. The association, through its publications, the Meadmaker's Journal and Mead Letters, served as a clearinghouse of information for amateur and commercial meadmakers worldwide.

Spence has contributed articles on beekeeping and meadmaking to the Llewellyn Organic Gardening Almanac and various beekeeping and wine trade publications. During her tenure as AMA director, she conducted numerous workshops, lectures, tastings, and mead judgins. In addition to her mead activities, she is also a poet and storyteller, and currently lives on the banks of a creek in Central Ohio with her husband and their family of children, dogs, and bees.