Behind this veil of mortal glass lies a brew, as bold and vivacious as the goddess for which it was named. From the prodigious lore of Norse mythology, Freyja's reach embraces the spectrum: from love to beauty to fertility to war. Her name merits a rapturous beverage. And Big Rock has done so, bottling an unflinchingly euphoric take on the classic braggot - luscious mead stocked with 50% smooth enchanting clover honey from Three Hills, Alberta. Truly the nectar of gods and goddesses alike, Freyja will leave your tongue enchanted.

ABV: 7%

Key Ingredients:

  • Yeast: Specialized Braggot Yeast

  • Hops: Hallertau

  • Malt: Caramel and Pale Malt




Sweet Clover Honey, Slight Malt


Medium Body and Carbonation


Sweet Honey Aroma and Flavour Supported by Light Malt

Food Pairing:

Freyja's Field best complements lighter foods such as salad and sushi or pork and chicken with a spicy marinade. The honey element in this Braggot would also pair nicely with fruit desserts such as raspberry tarts or fruit with vanilla frozen yogurt.