ABV: 6%

Carbonation: Very light. < 2 volumes

Packaging: 500ml bottles and 1/6BBL kegs.

Suggested Retail Price: $8.99

Availability: We're expecting to make this a year-round offering, but that will be dependent on the demand. It will slowly be released to all our markets starting March 25th, 2013.

Label Description:

Swallow this...

Many years ago, a mysterious book was discovered by a group of friends in a Ferndale, MI basement. A translation of its contents revealed the recipe for an ancient beverage using mango juice, honey, and black pepper. What they didn't realize was that creating the beverage had dire consequences. Stricken by fear after its compleation, the friends tried to contain the terrifying forces into this very bottle. Once opened, however, no one can say for sure if it can be conquered. Defend your soul or join us...